Welcome to the Whole Life Learning Center

Please Note: We are making many changes to our website during April 2015. Broken links and missing pages are being rewritten and restored. If you have an interest in the Whole Life Learning Center and want information that you presently do not find on our website, please call 215.701.4740. Thank you for your patience and your interest as we make important changes to our website.

An introduction to our educational model

Each child is a unique individual with a singular personality, particular talents, interests, academic strengths and academic weaknesses. Some children decode the written word with great comprehension and compose lyrical paragraphs with ease while others are nothing less than artful when expressing their understanding of the world around them with paint on canvas, lego blocks, song, or a whirlwind of movement. We designed every facet of the WLLC so that our learning coaches and assistants have the tools, the skill sets, the peer and administrative support, and the latitude to creatively respond to the particular needs of each learner and support each child’s education.

While we offer extraordinary educational support to any student, we have designed our program with a profound sensitivity towards the needs of students who have struggled in their education because of “invisible” learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Asperger’s Syndrome as well as students who have simply disengaged from educational settings that practice more traditional educational models.

Our educational model creatively combines:

  • Customized education plans that support each child’s learning styles
  • Emphasis on social and emotional development
  • Instructional support that allows each child to progress at their own speed
  • Project-centric teaching methods that encourage students to leverage deep personal interests and make personally meaningful connections to the worlds of math, science, history, and language

If you would like any information please call 215.701.4740.